Development of the online store

MyVizual is a chip on your phone that uses NFC technology to allow you to share your social media accounts.


Our task was to develop a unique, simple and convenient online store for selling the MyVizual chip, create main pages and a “shopping cart”.

We also had to optimize the site and launch the original advertising campaign.

главная страница myvizual


We have developed an individual and simple design of the online store with a user-friendly interface.

Vizaul главная страница

Selection of goods and ordering

The site is made in a simple style, placing an order. The openness of the price and the convenience of buying increases conversion rates and forms a positive image of the service.

For comfortable management of the site we used WordPress for the backend.

myvizual корзина

Optimization and advertising

The site was fully optimized before launching and promotion of the online store was carried out.

Influencer-marketing strategy through social networks was used, it was decided to add the ability to view analytics directly through the admin panel and beyond, as well as made advertising on TV.

Vizual страницы


The site is adaptive for different devices. You can place an order directly from your phone.
мобильная версия сайта myvizual

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Creation of an online store